Dirty Filthy Whompcast: LOKI

Those super slutty bass lovers over at RockitScience.com have a sweet new whompcast for you, this time by Loki, another member of the quickly growing midtempo scene in Seatown.

I’ve had some really great times listening to this DJ- besides the photo below which was taken around 8AM at a river party when everyone’s third wind was kicking in, my favorite memory is when Loki, Noisemaker, some crazy bartender and I locked the doors and pulled the curtains on a certain club after the 2AM closing time and proceed to rock our faces off for several more hours. 

Mad props to Loki and to all the Seattle midtempo peeps who could not possibly be more passionate about this music. You filthy bitches, oh how I love you!

Download Loki’s whompcast for free right here.


Note to readers:

Root Beer + Vodka for breakfast = Not as bad as it sounds!

One Response to “Dirty Filthy Whompcast: LOKI”

  1. Thanks Shilo! You are definitely missed up here!

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