Did You Find the Creamy Exclamation Point?

Every day WordPress software gives me a list of search terms that people use to find my blog. Check ’em out:

  • creamy exclamation point
  • ass shake
  • i love trance
  • boreta haiku
  • whompcast bitch
  • audio sonic bikini wax
  • weirdest motherfucking shit ever
  • dancer sweat
  • redneck love
  • my people blaze them trees
  • fuck the police
  • wonky techno
  • techno dum dum dum dah dah dah dah
  • fucking a hipster girl how to
  • I naked party
  • it aint god at the end of the tunnel
  • drunken yoda weed
  • cock sucking festival
  • super curl shiny dance
  • what kind of music is glitch mob
  • top tank nipples
  • crunk down where ya at
  • freakout psy
  • techno is my life
  • wild ass party
  • motherfucker i’m ill
  • everyone on the dancefloor screamed woo
  • what is michael manahan
  • sunshine on my pussy
  • mad scientist art
  • hot brunette dj
  • mullet family
  • naked hippies
  • the meaning of i danced my face off
  • wake the fuck up

I LOVE MY READERS! You make my day, every day. Thank you!

Inside the Great Pyramid

Maybe the creamy exclamation point is in here!


One Response to “Did You Find the Creamy Exclamation Point?”

  1. haha damn some of those read like people trying to googlewack.

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