From the Front Lines: Ana Sia Cripples Shilo

Last night at the King King Ana Sia played EXACTLY the kind of music that I love. EXACTLY.

I go to a fat variety of EDM shows, from dubstep to house to techno to glitch to the occasional fucking rave; I like many types of music and want to write about my experiences to promote the electronic arts and support the community on the dance floor. If a night of music fills me up 75%, that is an epic win.

But last night filled me up to the very top. The sounds blasting out of the speakers from the hands of Ana Sia DID it for me, if ya know what I mean. I left completely satisfied, smile on my head, and a laugh in voice. And HUGE freaking blisters on my toes.

You might expect to get blisters if you dance once or twice a year, but I dance all the time to the music in my head which never stops. Around my living room, in the street, at the coffee shop, all the time. It takes some filthy fucking music to blister me up, and that is exactly what Ana Sia delivered last night: pulverizing waves of bass that make you dance down with your knees bent low, grinding yourself into the dance floor just as the beats are being crushed into your brain.

When I first arrived at the King King, house music was booming onto the floor and I thought: am I in the right club? Is there a King King in Venice or OC that my noob self doesn’t know about? But looking around at the crowd I could tell without a doubt that these were my people: the bass sluts.

Last night I heard three phrases outside the club which always make my heart sing:

1. “Looks like a total Burner crowd tonight- are those hoola hoops?”

2. “You know what music I’m really into these days? Glitch.”

3. “What did you come here for?”

Well as anyone knows, I came to get down; and down, down, down into the dance floor did I get.

Ana SiaAna Sia was getting down too, dancing so much I was wondering how she continued to even play. On the opposite side of her set-up was a table with drinks and water for the VIPsters, and cups were routinely being shaken off the edge by the bass, bass so sick and grimey and given so perfectly- well, this is the music I want pumping out of my tombstone. 

And don’t call her a fucking DJ (although I will, on my list 10 DJS I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS WEEK)- nothing was spinning but my head and she was tweaking the sound continually and masterfully through her whole set.

You know when you go out to hear someone you really love, and they play for about 45 minutes, and you’re like, well, that was good but I NEED MORE?

Yeah- that didn’t happen last night. Ana Sia rocked it for like two hours, two hours of some of the best music I have heard in LA, or anywhere. I am filled up to the top.

Thanks for the blisters, Ana Sia!


Read more about Ana Sia here.

4 Responses to “From the Front Lines: Ana Sia Cripples Shilo”

  1. Never heard of her but I am jealous! I’ll definitely be watching out for her name in the future, thank you.

  2. that’s ana for ya…a woman of many talents and oodles of whomp. i fell in love with her myself during an epic round of whiskey and pinball. =]

  3. First time I saw Ana Sia was an epic round at Burning Man’s El Circo tent – pretty much full on the best musical event of my life thus far. Seemed like a three hour set of NON STOP zero filler killer music – monster trucks, Godzillas and any other fantabulous sonic creature booming in right on beat to tickle your fancy to the core. If you ever, eva’, ever get the chance to see her live, do what you need to to get yourself there.

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