Ras G: Brotha From Anotha Planet *NEW ALBUM*

ras-approach-lp1Dropped today like sunshine from the sky is Ras G‘s new album Brotha From Anotha Planet; have a listen and download a free track “Shinelight” at XLR8R, and then get over to Brainfeeder or Alpha Pup for more information and to buy the whole tripped-out, psychedelicious thing- “ghetto sci-fi,” if you will.

AND if you are lucky like me and Ras G and live in LA where the weather’s so stupid it must have been dropped on its head as a baby, I will see you at Low End Theory tomorrow night for the official album release party where Ras G will perform along with Dakim, Teebs, and all residents.

I’ll smoke to that!


One Response to “Ras G: Brotha From Anotha Planet *NEW ALBUM*”

  1. cathalorourke Says:

    Excellent! The night will also be available as a Low End Theory podcast, for those of us who live on the wrong continent !

    I can’t remember where I saw the podcasts available but it MIGHT have been http://deepgoa.wordpress.com

    Either way, you should check that blog for some kicking tunes !

    I too, will smoke to the release of this album !


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