RIP Troy

A friend of mine died last night. His name was Troy Duncan. He was beat to death outside a nightclub in Seattle. He had been holding on since last weekend in ICU. Now he is gone.

I met Troy at The Loft. You guys know what loft. He hit on me. Tried to get me to leave and go to the beach with him. Maybe I should have gone.

The last time I saw Troy was at my surprise going-away party in Seattle. He walked in, and like always I thought: “Hell yes, Troy is here.” Troy walked into a room and the energy lifted. People smiled. The party started.

“Live & Die in LA. Kick it. WIN. DO. Love ya Shilo, Troy” was what he wrote on my big signed poster from that party. I read it every day.

I danced my face off last night. Harder than I have in months. For Troy. I must have said his name 500 times, screaming it into the speakers, yelling it into the night. I kept telling random people about my friend who just died. Real hit of the party.

You might think it’s weird that I was partying my ass off last night. I don’t. All I could picture was Troy right beside me on the dance floor, where he had been so many times. And then I danced a little harder. And I screamed a little more. And I felt more helpless that I have ever felt before in my life. I can’t even wrap my head around this.

Is it right to post this blog? To write about it? What do I do? Writing and music are how I deal with this fucked-up world. I find it hard to even care about what happens to the two fucks who are responsible. What does it matter? It doesn’t matter to Troy.

FUCK VIOLENCE. Violence is not okay. It is never okay. Evolve already, humans. QUIT KILLING EACH OTHER.

I have had friends die before, but never in such a senseless, malicious way. I live for my dead friends, and I will live for Troy now. We all have to. We all have to dance a little harder, sing a bit louder, laugh even more. For Troy. 

What do I do? I guess there is only one answer to that question:

“Live & Die in LA. Kick it. WIN. DO.”

Rest in peace my dancing friend. My heart is with you, Seattle. 

13 Responses to “RIP Troy”

  1. WAITAMINUTE!! you were dancing all night long too?!?!?! OMG…..shuddup!! ME TOO!! Lovely lady, Troy was my inspiration as well for dancing super hard last night, and though I didn’t Scream his name, or hump the speaker closest to you that you yelled Troy! at, I honored him in my own way by picturing him bopping around makin the rounds, leave ppl with a smile on their face as he walked away….and their drink….heh heh. There were people crying in Noc Noc, and everywhere you saw tear, you could see Troys image emanating from their thoughts. I walked in swaggery, like I owned the place sort of way, my hat tipped slightly and to the left-like how Troy used to wear his. I got mistaken for Troy a couple times-most excellent most excellent. I saw Ms. Shannon crying and after a while she attempted to dance, I swirled over onto her and coaxed her little by little into dancing a little bit harder, and before you knew it-we had exhausted ourselves dancing with each. I gave her a great big hug and a kiss on the cheek, and she stared into my eyes and said “I felt just like Troy was dancing with me that whole time…” and a single tear of joy rolled down her cheek…..It was beautiful.

    Because as you see-I didnt dance AGAINST her, I danced WITH her….the same style Troy does. Troy was never interested in being against anyone….just wanted to compliment everyone elses style. The same true to life, Troy Complimented our lives and made it better.
    The Dickfucks that did this are about being vs everyone….and Karma will return to them.

    Troy made an impact in our lives, and for that I am forever grateful.
    I love & appreciate all my friends-and live each day to the fullest-Troy did.


  2. I will miss Troy and everything he brought to my life. You will be in my memory forever homie. R.I.P.

  3. MammaZona Says:

    Man i miss you shilo! but he is right…“Live & Die in LA. Kick it. WIN. DO.”

    Troy always had a way of speaking the truth! there are soo many stories to share there is not enough room even here on the world wide web… i do recall one night he came into the club and as always the whole energy would change as palpably as the wind shifting…he made his way thru the crowd delivering hellos and hugs to everyone along the way. when he hugged me he whispered that it was ‘women like me that made his decision to forgo the Playboy party’ that was happening the same night! i was floored! it meant the world to me as he always saw me for me, not for bein the large and in charge woman i try to be!

    funny that such a random little comment can touch you so deeply! Troy was my friend as he was to everyone he met… He was instrumental in my learning the ropes of a light tech and i rocked all his training at contour for many years after!

    He was never one to be fake or false and he did everything with sincerity and grace…not that he wasnt human and had his own personal challenges(dont we all!) but he always seemed to be not of this realm and was just visiting and gracing us all with his passion, beauty, inspiration, artistry, vision and just plain soul….a True weaver of Magic.

    Thank you for weaving us into your grand work of art! as has been said by others, I am, WE are Truly Better for Knowing You TROY!
    Thank you for being…and being with such tenacity!

    it bring a song to mind..far from the electronic beats that soo moved his feet!

    by none other than Mr Johnny Cash…

    We’ll meet again
    Don’t know where
    Don’t know when
    But I know
    We’ll meet again
    Some sunny day

    Keep smilin’ thru
    Just like you
    Always do
    ‘Til the blue skies drive
    The dark clouds
    Far away

    And will you please say hello
    to the folks that I know
    Tell’em that I won’t be long
    And they’ll be happy to know
    That when you saw me go
    I was singing this song

    We’ll meet again
    Don’t know where
    Don’t know when
    But I know
    We’ll meet again
    Some sunny day

    Yeah we’ll meet again
    I don’t know where

    I don’t know when
    But I do know
    That we’ll meet again
    Some sunny day

    So Honey
    Keep on smilin’ thru
    Just like you always do
    ‘Til the blue skies
    Drive the dark clouds
    Far away

    And would you please say hello
    To all the folks that I know
    And tell’em I won’t be long
    They’ll be happy to know
    That when you saw me go
    I was singing this song

    [with choir]
    We’ll meet again
    Don’t know where
    Don’t know when
    But I know
    We’ll meet again
    Some sunny day

    I Love and Miss You and will Reserve a Spot on The DanceFloor for you!!!

  4. Although I didn’t know Troy as well as most of you, My condolences go out to everyone. He was a sweet guy from what I knew of him. I’m sure he will be dearly missed.

  5. The Paradise Says:

    Troy’s parents are dear friends of ours. Though we didn’t know Troy we can tell you right now that the spirit he possessed (which you all mentioned) came straight from his Mom and Dad.
    Both his parents fill every space they walk into with joy, humor, smarts, and a great – good time. They are amazingly vibrant, glorious people and we wish them all the love in the universe and all the privacy they need during this terribly difficult time.

  6. MammaZona Says:

    i can only imagine the well from which Troy gathered his amazing spirit and being from… a cluster of stars visiting earth for a brief time…sharing and spreading love and joy and magic wherever they are! it would be an honor to meet them even in this most tragic and unfortunate of times… we emulate that from which we have come. THANK YOU FOR BRINGING TROY TO THE REST OF US AND SHARING HIM!! many communities are mourning as the heavens twinkle the return of one of their own….

  7. well.iloveu.ur phenomenal…..absolutly precious. infinite and ever so expanding and transmuting the funk…into junk no more.but only the spunky cold medina !!
    i miss u…and as u said to me be4 …i cant miss u if ur here

  8. Troy exuded a love for joy, compassion, music, people, being, dancing, sharing, and of course funk, flavor, spice, that unique spark we all individually embody. He helped me find that inside of myself, he showed it to me by just being himself.

    He was kind, thoughtful and loved everyone – to the soul. He saw people as they truly are, no matter what kind of facade or front they were putting on, he respected them and understood them…. and in doing so, allowed them to just BE. Troy is like no one else I have ever met and I am so thankful that our paths crossed on this journey…

    My heart aches for the loss of Troy but I am filled with an equal peace. I know Troy is now able to dance with all of us no matter where we are. He is able to combine with our souls and merge with our hearts.

    I feel like Troy wanted another “Superhighway” style event to take place – and it seems like that is what is being thrown in Seattle at LSC. We should keep this going – Troy created a legacy with Superhighway. His persona was unlike any and will be remembered and talked about for a long time. He should be celebrated. Let’s continue to burn the funk and spread the love and share the happiness that Troy helped ignite in all of us!

    Troy – thank you. From the bottom of my heart…. THANK YOU. With all my love… unconditional as ever you crazy mad hatter funkadelic bread eating milk drinking mf! i love you. – ame

  9. joe annable Says:

    Every time I would see Troy, he would always ask what was going on with me. I would tell him different things I was doing with my life. Not one other person, out of any one in my life would be more supportive and give me more motivation than Troy. He always had an idea of how to expand on whatever it was I was doing, and come up with some way to help me. I love you Troy, I wish I would have been there…This would not have happened.
    “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.” -Albert Einstein

  10. MAUI RICHIE Says:


  11. Pixxidevil Says:

    It’s been a while now since troy passed and im still at a loss for words. He had a one of a kind transcendent ora about him. He was full of so many redeaming qualities that just jumped out and sort of said LOOK AT ME! Loook at mee! Look at me! Im in my element!! And that is how I remember Troy. Always in his element where ever he was. Weather he was Toating around a giant picture frame so he never had to take the pic. cause he was the picture or lugging around a large silver surfboard so he could catch a wave on top of Habanna’s bar. He brought smiles to everyones face who knew him weather they were great tight pals or just casual friends like we were. He was forever challenging people on the dancefloor to shake there groove train just a bit harder and with as much passion as one could muster. Never batteling against each other but always in a type of mutual sway with some turns here and a coller pop there. He was more often than not the life of the party and always ready to entertain people with his smile and humor. Sometimes when he would speak it almost seemed like the world would stop and every thing would get real quiet and then POW his words would hit you. Sometimes with alot of seriousness and other times it would be jibberish and still make you stop in your tracks and be like “what? WHAT?” Sometimes if the circumstances were right that jubberish made perfect sence

    I would like to thank you, Troys Parents, and you also Luke for raising, nurturing, influencing and helping to inspire such a wonderful person. I did not know troy as well as I would of liked to and we hung out on a personal level only a handfull of times but the energy he carried about him was absolootly inspiring to me. A true Gentlemen and Creative personality. You should be so proud! Most people in life dream of impacting people in a monumental way and Troy did just that!


  12. Charles & Dee Duncan Says:

    Thank you so much for all the support and love that you sent to Troy as he battled for his life. Thank you for the love and support that you displayed for his family in this our darkest hour. Peace & Love Charles & Dee Duncan.

  13. I met Troy when he had that fantastic underground space in Pioneer Square many years back. I think it was before Superhighway, but then maybe that *was* superhighway and on after. I remember his warmth and presence. I appreciated the space that he fostered that made it possible for us to celebrate life together, our funky strange community. He was never high on his horse and too self-important like organizers can get, always personable and charming. I remember the funny square business card he gave me once with hardly any information on it whatsoever, somewhat useless in a comical way.

    It may very well be that we are all waking up to Troy’s subtle genius as we look back at our interactions with him, the funny things that he would do that sometimes you wouldn’t think about at first, maybe only later. (Huh…)

    Last time I saw him, was randomly at a Kinko’s, maybe a little over a year ago. We talked a bit, but we were both in a focused space, places to go, things to do. Wish I had known that would be the last time I would see him.

    People that have this gift to bring people together are rare. Seattle has lost one of these, at a heartbreaking time when we need them more than ever. Troy is irreplaceable; may the imprinting of his beautiful soul on all of our lives continue to call forth wildflowers breaking the pavement and pushing up past the hard worn surfaces, calling the elves out of the shadows, let the magic come forth from his memory and the way that he lives on through our living dancing growing and loving.

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