BOBOLINK Music Festival: May 29-31 in NoCal

I’m pretty stoked to find out that the 5th annual Bobolink Festival in NoCal is the weekend after DEMF, meaning that I can go to BOTH!

Peep a taste of the ROCKIN’ lineup:

novaTRON, mad scientist extraordinaire!


Vibesquad (whomp whomp whomp)

HALO (Kitty-D & Mimosa)

ill.gates (AKA The Phat Conductor)

KnowSleep (Knowa Knowone & Sleepyhead)

Beats Antique

LYNX & Janover

…and of course, heaps more bassy goodness! Check out the whole lineup here.



2 Responses to “BOBOLINK Music Festival: May 29-31 in NoCal”

  1. sounds like this is going to be great! I’ll talk to Trish and rally the troops! 😀

  2. dancefever5000 Says:

    YES. Kidnap the little red-head, if need be.

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