Monday Night Social with Danny Howells

THANK GOD for the Monday Night Social at the Nacional in Hollywood, providing myself and other dancing freaks an energy outlet on an evening when most of the world is sleeping or recuperating from the weekend.

At $20 a pop this house night is NOT cheap; geez I need to get on an email list or something, but the quality of music is top notch which kills the burn a little bit.

I love house music. I love the way guys always start clapping in the air and scream “WOO!” and how girls smack their own asses. I love the uniform nature of the dance floor- as opposed to glitch where everyone chooses what element of the music to match their dance moves to, with house- it’s four on the floor baby, and we all move as one.

House music is easy to dance to, and out of all the EDM genres I consider it kind of like the popular girl in junior high- fun, accessible to all, easy to wrap your head around. House wears bright pink lipstick, and smiles a lot. House crowds in general seem happier to me, lacking the seriousness of techno and with none of the aggression of some drum and bass, where you occasionally want to walk off the dance floor and punch someone in the face. I’ve seen it happen. 

Last night Danny Howells from the UK was giving us sheets of happy house, rousing cheers from the inebriated crowd every time he slammed the bass on our heads. The Nacional nightclub is right off Hollywood Boulevard, and I like it because you walk in and immediately you are on the front of the dance floor, aka my home. 

I will be back! And hopefully next time will get my broke-ass freelance writing-self on a list!



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