Low End Theory KILLS AGAIN

Last night was one of the best Low Ends I have been to, proving once again that this resident lineup is one of the fattest and freshest in LA or FUCK, the whole West Coast! I said it, WHAT!

l_5f496c6e1143ba1f2212d0acfcafede31Daddy Kev laid down a set of almost all new tracks, gleaned from his friends of future sound around and pretty much blew every mind in there. Low End Theory is KIND OF a big deal, in case you didn’t know.

Earlier in the night I was talking to Daddy Kev up on the balcony and he was saying how he was glad it would not be too crowded so people could dance. The Airliner gets so insanely sardined that I have spent hours at the top of the stairs dancing because that was the only place to go- not the best place for a clumsy ass girl like me but ya know us dancers have to get our fix somehow.

Apparently last night the giant crowd didn’t get the message about not packing in and by the time the bass began coursing out of the castles of Pure Filth speakers up front, it was once again a fight to the front of the dance floor. A fight this peace lover always wins. 

It was the best set I have ever heard out of Daddy Kev, and Nocando was holding it down ALL NIGHT; the MC owned that shit and it almost seemed like his mouth took on a life of its own and even he was surprised at the lyrical stylings that were dropping from his lips.

Upstairs meanwhile My Hollow Drum was delivering layers of body-contusing bass and people were dancing to the group of DJs who were rotating a bit too much for blond girl to keep track of. Every time I stepped back into the second room I was drawn in, like the sound was pulling me to the speakers instead of thundering out of them.

Somehow I missed D-Styles but back outside Nobody followed Daddy Kev, continuing the aural assault and then the Mother Fucking Gaslamp Killer came to wipe up the floor. Epic. Down on the right end of the stage I saw some madman dancing like crazy, throwing his arms in the air like an evil doctor commanding his zombie army to rise and kill, lightening exploding behind his upraised hands which dripped with blood. I was like, who the fuck is this guy? Ah- it was GLK’s shadow, projected onto the wall by the visuals, a specter grown larger than life, just like the DJ and Low End Theory itself.

I love Low End Theory! It is my favorite night of the week; the crowd is there for one reason: the music. The music, and to smoke mad, mad amounts of bud, all night long.

See you guys next week.

One Response to “Low End Theory KILLS AGAIN”

  1. dancefever5000 Says:

    And by the way, Nobody dropped a track, something with the word “brother” or “brothers” in it, which immediately made all the females in the crowd go nuts. I don’t know if anyone else noticed this, but seriously, the second that track dropped, half the audience went into spasms. That’s some magic beats right there!

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