Brambylon @ Fool’s Paradise: Desert Techno for Breakfast


Can I get some techno with that sunrise?

Something tells me you guys are going to get sick of reading about music parties in the desert, but…

I have found yet another new love. 

I consider myself a pretty hard-core camper. I have spent weeks backpacking in the wilderness with nary a shower to my stank. I have camped on beaches and battlegrounds, next to rivers and on top of mountains. I have slept in cow fields, on scrubland, by glaciers, in canoes, on islands, in drippy jungles and in city parks under skyscrapers. But until I moved to Los Angeles, I had NEVER camped in the desert.

The drive from LA was magnificent!

The drive from LA was magnificent!

WTF? It came as a shock to me too. I was so excited about moving here for the music and sunshine that I kind of forgot about the desert. I was all set to go to Burning Man last year for the first time but sold my ticket in order to spend three weeks in Thailand. The beaches were fabulous.

But there is nothing in this world like dancing to a morning set of bangin’ minimal techno while the sun rises over the desert, the fresh rays igniting the bowl of mountains around you into raging pinks and blues.

Sunday Sunrise

Sunday Sunrise

The DJ watches the skies, timing his beats to hit when the ball cracks the horizon. We danced up the sun this weekend, I swear it.

I spent Saturday night out in the desert about three hours southeast of Los Angeles near Borrego Springs, missing the Friday night breaks and dubstep. 😦 But not to fear, techno is here. 

Smoke a bowl of mountains

Smoke a bowl of mountains

I LOVE TECHNO. For the record. There has been some doubt to my commitment to all genres of EDM, but give me a fucking break. Do YOU have a sign hanging on your wall made by friends that says, “Seattle Techno- Shilo ROX it like U wish U could”? Yeah. Shut UP about me not liking techno, bitches. 

For my experience, this was a techno party and it filled me up like a weekend spent outdoors listening to music always does, no matter the setting. The wind was insane. Although it is a pain to be chilling in your tent and still get smacked in the face repeatedly with sheets of sand,

Sergio & Nikki rockin' it Saturday afternoon

Sergio & Nikki rockin' it Saturday afternoon

the wind always gives a crazy energy to the party, blowing a wild and furious river through the campground. It makes me scream to the moon while I dance, and I love it. 

The beats were solid all night long, not one bad set in the lot. I usually try to meet all the DJs so I can thank them for their art and feed them with my words but apparently I was too busy running around like a banshee and hitting myself in the face with my sweet LED glow staff to meet a single one.

What happened to the roof? The wind blew it the hell off, that's what.

What happened to the roof? The wind blew it the hell off, that's what.

Philly B was laying down a fat set when we arrived on Saturday afternoon, and Skandar played a minimal to dubstep to minimal set that worked and worked fucking well, beats sent up to the Milky Way by all of us fools in paradise, aka the dance floor. To all you other DJs, thank you for your music. I am sure that we will meet soon.

The best DJs in the future will not play one genre but many, mixing in the best elements of all of them to create new and exciting sounds. I can hear it in my friends’ sets who play multiple genres. They are better.

Sunrise Shilo Shadow, being all tall and shit.

Sunrise Shilo Shadow

People can argue and post bitchy comments in forums about genres and labels and glitch hop vs techno vs candycorn all we want (and we will), but good music is good music, period. 

Except for gabber. That shit SUCKS.


3 Responses to “Brambylon @ Fool’s Paradise: Desert Techno for Breakfast”

  1. I love reading you’re reviews of parties.

  2. please go to burning man. you HAVE to go, if you thought this was fun…

  3. Cathal O'Rourke Says:

    I have just discovered your blog and you are by far one of the most talented writers on music on the world wide web.

    And your right gabber is a load of cock and should be shot into the far reaches of space.

    Much respect from your newest reader in Ireland,


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