DJs, Producers, Live Mad Scientists, MCs, Samurais, you know…

In no order, and I am going to update this once a week. 

  1. Mochipet
  2. S.P.E.C.T.R.E.
  3. Ill-esha 
  4. Heyoka
  5. PrEssHa
  6. novaTRON!!!
  7. Mimosa
  8. Goner
  9. Vaccine
  10. Boreta


Thanks to Dylan and Tap Tap Productions for the photo!


4 Responses to “10 DJS I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS WEEK”

  1. I’m a dj too.. Wheres the love for trance djs? SERIOUSLY!!

  2. Harmony and I just went to see Boreta in Vancouver BC this past weekend at this underground club called The DollHouse that only holds about 250 people run by this great Burlesque group. IT WAS A CRAZY GOOD TIME 🙂 Missing you in Seattle!!!

  3. Miami?!?! This is NOT Miami 😦 .. if it was…. Danald FeelGlaude would be playing a VS set with Armin Van OakenFerry on the main stage right now. I LOL’d when I read your reply. ❤

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