Nalepa: Flatlands *NEW MUSIC*

Straight outta LA comes this tasty new album, Flatlands, from Steve Nalepa who always manages to create beats fat with bass but still light on their feet, all drenched in an otherworldly ethos that transports your brainspace straight to another place, a land where music is god and the beat is king. Kind of like my apartment.

This music makes me want to retreat into the daydream world that is Planet Shilo and not come back, to lie in satin sheets all day until sunset rouses me to a night full of mischief, to find a hidden beach and run naked into the crashing waves and revert to my mermaid self. It’s that good. 

Flatlands: Remixes features the work of a few friends including Nosaj Thing, the Glitch Mob, Deru, [a]pendics.shuffle, Bluetech and Heyoka, just to namedrop a few.

Listen to sneak peaks and buy Flatlands and Flatlands: Remixes here.


One Response to “Nalepa: Flatlands *NEW MUSIC*”

  1. What a great news. I’ve nearly forgotten about this release.

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