Seattle! How was the Rusko show?

I really want to know!

Please leave your comment below.

MUCH LOVE for the 206!


You can read my review of the Rusko show at the Roxy in LA last month here.

9 Responses to “Seattle! How was the Rusko show?”

  1. OMG, That was SICK ASS SHIZER! I was sucked in from the minute he started until I had to go flyer. Anyways, in my opinion, he is not just a normal, stand and spin records DJ. He got down and kept the vibe going with his showmanship. He was even dropping tracks we all heard a million times but when he dropped it, it was like listening to it for the first time again. One of the highlights to me was watching Suda take pictures of PrEssHa and Rusko together. HAHA, our percious jemstone is really getting some good exposure with the right people. Anyways, the show was as good as you thought it would be. Trust me, it was CRACKIN! Big up to Shift on a job well done.


  2. it was pretty fuckin sick. i just got back home from it. rusko is a cool fuckin cat. so is his m.c. everyone at first wasnt sure how it was gonna go seein as how it’s a wed night and all. but low and behold … it was fuck crackin. bye far one of the best dubstep d.j/producer in the world.. to bad you couldnt have made it. lol. we all miss you ..

  3. Pretty damn dope!!!!… I dont love dubstep like a lot of people, and I was a bit bored at times…. but…. he had some tracks that were straight up KILLAHS!!!!

  4. Manda Wamb!! Says:

    pretty sick! wish u were there on the dance floor!

  5. Epic win! I had a great time. Big thanks to everyone who helped make this happen and thanks to everyone who came out to Trinity on a fucking Weds to have a sweet time. See you all on Friday 🙂

    I really really really don’t want to be at work now lol.


    Infact it was sooooo sick I think I need a shot of penicilin now.

    I was kinda worried that it would be lame since it was a Wednesday night show & $15 @ the door, that not that many people would show up. But by the time Rusko got behind the decks, the main room @ Trinity was packed.

    I had soooo much fun & was glad that I happend to be outside right as Rusko & his M.C. got there & got to talk to them for a bit before they went inside. They really are super nice & chill.

  7. I am kicking myself right now. I FORGOT MY ID in Redmond!!! So I could not get in. Gerrrr

  8. Definately crackin. It was bullshit they set up Jason Curtis for failure by not allowing him to play DNB or Dubstep and having him go on right after Grym and troll-boy. He was told he should play nothing but House so he could “clear the room” by troll boy. That was a pretty wack move. Other than that… it was pretty classic. Richie Spoonz was cool. He started messin’ up when Rusko showed up though. Grym threw down. La Balianne was playin’ some illness with the UK Garage but that was mostly during the Rusko show (I think as people get more into the more upbeat dubstep like Rusko’s set or maybe the way Thrills [ or] throws down they’re gonna get more into UK Garage and especially Bassline). Rusko threw down hard though. He’s a great producer who’s also a gret DJ. That’s rare. It was an all DJ set though. Not sure if everyone realized how much he’d remixed everything and how much UK Garage & House he was mixing in there. The main room at Trinity was packed. Mad props to SHIFT. After the party Rusko’s MC got sorta’ punked by Fitz. That was kinda funny. Fitz was tryin to battle but homeboy just kept sayin, “I don’t freestyle. I don’t freestyle”… kinda made him look bad to me at least. Anyways… just thought I’d leave that for you after I saw your post.


  9. Just to set the record straight: I gots tons of respek for ol’ bwoy. We had a a great time together. He gave me some great pointers and told me about a lot of history. The FACT is… we were outside after he had been on the mic for hours and prolly days and I wanted to flow some more. We went outside and talked for a bit. found a good beat box kid and went at it. Yes, I did sound a little better than he did at that moment. BUT, I bet If I fought Mike Tyson after he fought Mohommed Ali, I might have a chance to get a hit in. I am a local MC with love for the people that run shit. Big up all playas and party kids.


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