If you like crack rocks, then you’ll LOVE crunk rocks!

Well okay not really. But here is a whorey new midtempo/glitch mix from Seattle talent PrEssha, hard and slapping from beginning to end. Take your clothes off and enjoy.

The Track List:

1.) Misconceptions- Mimosa
2.) Heat up the Night- Ooah
3.) 64 Bytes- Eprom
4.) Hustlers Concerto- Propa Tings
5.) Millie- Megasoid
6.) Free Energy Dub- Knowa Knowone
7.) Cowboy Grime- Knowsleep
8.) Traffic- Stephen Marley (Dhruva Refix)
9.) Purple and Orange- Welder (Audiovoid Remix)
10.) Sorry I shook you, Four minutes of Apologies- Deceptikon
11.) Shoota- Subvert 
12.) Girls, Boys, and Toys- Jahcoozi (Mochipet Remix)
13.) Lone Salamander- Vibesquad
14.) 64 Bytes- Eprom (Vibesquad Remix)

The DJ:


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