Daedelus, Nosaj Thing & more @ Low End Theory

Last night was PACKED at Low End Theory, holy God.

I really love the Airliner on Wednesday nights, it is such a unique venue to begin with, featuring the outside space open to the sky, smoking balcony, and upstairs bar with slick dance floor.

Add to this the nondescript neighborhood (free parking), super nice bartenders (Sharkey!), sweet sales table (hair feathers and art wallets) to the taco window (I’ll have two), and you know there is no place else like this on earth. I may live in Silver Lake but my home is on Broadway, on Wednesday nights anyway.

Indeed Wednesdays are my favorite night of the week and I was early enough to catch some of the Mother Fucking Gaslamp Killer and Knxwledge from Philly in the upstairs room along with Nocando, who is going to teach me how to rap. Outside I could see the fat speakers stamped with PURE FILTH in white letters set up on the dance floor, a good sign of the bass to come.

The outdoor dance floor filled up in nanoseconds when the rope dropped and Daddy Kev went on, and by the time Nosaj Thing started working his magic the place was so packed there was no room to dance, unless you repeatedly keep smacking people with your arms and spilling beer on random namedrop DJs, which I did. Nosaj Thing delivered a new track from edIT, fresh from the studio, never heard before, and dripping with bricks of bass which come at you like a wall. We don’t need no thought control.

It was Daedelus who blew my mind last night though, wow. The kid has won me over and I can add one more artist to my fanatic list. His remix of Imogen Bass by 12th Planet and Bombaman was seamless and dirty ahhhhhhh and I just wanted to DANCE. Daedelus leaves on a tour through Europe very soon, so unless you are in Amsterdam or similar, you and I will have to wait for our next lesson and the next level of his symphonic electronic experimentation. And if you ARE in Amsterdam, try the Space Cake.

Low End Theory makes me feel warm and fuzzy all over; I look forward to it every week. Beyond the sweet-sticky venue, the killer sound and the cheap drinks, it is the super chill crowd, friendly and open and there for the music, that makes the night what it is. Everyone comes to hear what these electronic wizards will throw into our brains this time, to experience the future sound together, and to dance. These are my people.

Sweet Daedelus photo by The Holgasnake

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