New Bassnectar Podcast


Bassnectar Labs just put up a new podcast with some “unreleased concoctions” and “standout edits” that barely contain the bass master’s signature slapping sound. Lorin will be infecting your hometown soon with his twisted freak-take on that fresh future sound on his West Coast tour in early May. Might want to catch your breath now.

Listen to Bassnectar’s new podcast here.

Check out his entire podcast website with lots of other mixes here.




5 Responses to “New Bassnectar Podcast”

  1. I saw when he posted this this morning, I’ve been listening to it all day

  2. LOL it looks like cousin It is throwin’ it down.

    I know.. I do love it 🙂

  3. dancefever5000 Says:

    Cousin It, oh no you didn’t…

  4. click on “umove” to view the new Bassnectar interview.

  5. EUGGGHHHHH!!!!!!! just found this podcast, it goes WAY to hard!!!

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