Fuckstep is the New Black: PrEssHa

Up in the rainy enclave that is Seattle lives a very talented man by the name of PrEssHa. I have written about him before, and I will write about him again.

With mad mixing skills backed up by a love of many genres and a passion for working hard, this music machine is making his mark on Seattle and soon, the world.

PrEssHa’s latest mix is a fresh turn towards the smooth, spanking sexier side of dubstep, the mix of a DJ who just fell in love.

Put his name in the back of your head for safekeeping, and put his new mix Fuckstep where it belongs- right in your earhole.

Click here to listen to Dirty Filthy Whompcast Part 3: Fuckstep

One Response to “Fuckstep is the New Black: PrEssHa”

  1. Definitely one of Seattle’s best DJs! He always knows the absolute best tracks to play from every different genre of electronic music.

    Next month Pressha will play a live four hour set on C-89.5fm in Seattle. He will spin 4 different genres in 4 hours and will be the first “Vortex Iron DJ”.

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