Friday the 13th @ The Crosby w/Nosaj Thing & Gaslamp Killer

So I finally dragged my ass over to the Crosby in the freakin’ OC last night, and am sooooooo glad I did!

Ever since I moved to LA several friends have been telling me to make the trek to the Crosby and when I started checking out the lineups there I realized why: Nobody, Lorn, Gaslamp Killer, Nosaj Thing– and that’s just this week. The Crosby is apparently a veritable palace of electronic goodness and I, a mere commoner of dance and a pilgrim who wants to pay my respects with my feet.

It was Friday the 13th and the Obey Radio party; the show was well worth the 45 minute drive over with the sweet ass booming system in the Stash Box. On the lineup: Nosaj Thing and Gaslamp Killer. No cover. Sweet!

When I arrived Swass was finishing up and holy god that place got PACKED in a second when the Mother Fucking Gaslamp Killer went on, but it was really strange- no one was dancing, just me and this one guy. All the other people were just bobbing heads. It was really weird and really white. I thought this might change through the course of the night but nope, apparently no one dances in the OC.

Well I dance wherever I go, and I was glad that at least other person came out to get down. Seriously people how can you not dance with the filthy fucking music they were throwing last night? And with the Gaslamp Killer getting all excited and slinging his hair all over the place and acting like a total freak and shit?

I was perplexed but still stoked to see Nosaj Thing; the last time I heard him was in Seattle several months ago at the infamous Monkey Loft at some point approaching dawn. It was dopeness then, and it was dopeness last night! 

Wow! I think all these guys are drinking from some future stream bubbling up in the LA area, or maybe there really is a portal somewhere which has cracked open due to a critical mass of musical masterminds and an insane amount of sunshine.

Nosaj Thing’s music is ripe with murk and soaked in a hip hop groove which slides through your chest at the same time it conducts random experiments on your brain circuitry. After-effects of such music most often include a stupid smile and sweaty hair. The only cure? More.

Keep doing it, guys. Dance floors WILL catch up. These people’s brains can barely handle your music, much less their bodies. Everyone will catch up and we will be WAY better dancers when we see you on the other side!

Thank you, from the dance floor.


Nosaj Thing rocks it like he do

Shilo is a shitty photographer, sorry!


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