West Coast Future Sound Movement on BBC Radio 1

 Download and listen to the whole show for yourself here.

Bear in mind however, that West Coast Rocks on Mary Anne Hobbs’ Experimental show on the BBC Radio 1 is much, much more than a music show. It is a documentation of the fresh and crackling cultural movement of music that is growing on the West Coast of the USA and changing lives in the process.

I know- I just moved to LA to write and promote for the music that I love and the artists who make it.

With 100% West Coast beats the show begins. The bass from Mono/Poly‘s “Red and Yellow Toys” flaps down and gnaws on you, and from there you get a guided tour of the future sound happening in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Particular focus is paid to what I labeled “the epicenter of the future of music:” the community and inspiring energy whirling around Low End Theory in LA. A sense of momentum is indeed building, and you can feel it right inside your chest when you walk into Low End Theory, which I am about to do in a couple of hours.

And when I return home tonight, things will have shifted, musical tomorrows tweaked just a bit more by what will come out of those speakers tonight, by the audience’s reaction, by the dancers’ moves, by each knob twisted and every lever adjusted by the performers. Daddy Kev talks about Low End Theory as a physical experience; the design of the venue itself is like a bass bin and the music flows through you. Here you are not a mere spectator; here you are part of the international electronic community, and here you will partake in the evolution of music, and come out a different person on the other side.

Low End Theory is a rite of passage for performers as well, many of whom you can now hear on the 2-hour show which is ripe with interviews with the Glitch Mob, Kid Kamelion, DJ Tomas, The Gaslamp Killer and Daddy Kev, tons of cameo’d voice shout-outs, and a track list that tickles the fancy of any music freak worth their MP3s.

Standout tracks for me include:

  • Take‘s remix of “Sleeping Bear” for Architeq, my new Myspace profile song (Dubplate)
  • SamIYam‘s “Bricks” (Dubplate)
  • Vaccine “Radiate” (Dubplate)
  • Eprom “Zoning” (Dubplate)
  • Nosaj Thing “Coat of Arms” (Alpha Pup)

…and of course a lot more you guys, but I have to go now and start the prefunk and head out to Low End Theory, to celebrate the Age of the Nerd in a place where music has been liberated, where dots are connected, where you might just find yourself party to an audio sonic bikini waxing. And just maybe run into a “portal“.

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  6. […] Listen to the “West Coast Rocks” special on BBC Radio 1 featuring over two dozen slicing edge artists including the Glitch Mob at Low End Theory in LA and Lazer Sword in San Francisco HERE. […]

  7. Audio sonic bikini waxing… count me in 🙂

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