From the Front Lines: edIT @ Pure Filth, Vibesquad & BreakBeatBuddha

edIT mixing edIT live five feet in front of me Friday night at Pure Filth was the best part of my week, fo sho. MC Kemst was on hand as well and I really enjoyed the stylings of Ras G along with SamIYam; these two are also part of the future bass sound culture here in LA and they are dragging dance floors with them.


Saturday night BreakBeatBuddha and Vibesquad were also laying down proper things at this ravey masquerade called “War of the Roses” which was not really all that. The giant feather chandelier was dope and I want one, but the golden mask decor was lame and uninspired, the three rooms spread out the attendees and the energy a bit too much, and very few people even dressed up- losers.

Still, Vibesquad ALWAYS throws down bricks on the floor and is an absolute joy to watch, and do you know who plays some hefty fucking breaks? Eva plays some hefty fucking breaks! Which is of course the only way breaks should be. 

That is all you get. More to come this week, I promise.

Photo of edIT by Dylan of Tap Tap Productions.

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