Going Down This Week Los Angeles

Monday: Droog, NOT freeeeeee! Flying Lotus at the Standard, and the motherfucking GasLamp Killer  somewhere else in Hollywood.

Tuesday: Nobody, free show for real!

Wednesday: LOW END THEORY of course! Are you in LA? FUCKING GO. This week is Customer Service, Boogie Blind, Lorn and Flynn Adam AND the residents are SO fucking dope that you may just want to move in and live there with them, right on the dance floor: Daddy Kev, Nobody, THE MOTHERFUCKING GASLAMP KILLER, D-Styles and MC Nocando who I love. I am there!

Friday: Gaslamp Killer and Nosaj Thing are playing at The Crosby. My friend Dave says I can get a free drink if I say his name at the bar. Straight!



Saturday, Valentine’s Day: Lucent L’Amour promises madness taking over the streets of downtown Los Angeles with art and music performances including Z TRIP , Adam Freeland and tons of live visual arts of all sorts including killer shit from Andrew Jones. Last year Andrew threw an art party in Seattle at the top of the Space Needle with the Glitch Mob, a party that since has attained a near-mythical status and is now practically unmentionable in that city. There are people who don’t believe it ever really happened and others who will bitchslap you if you even mention it in conversation. It was FUCKING LEGEND!

So come to the sweet street festival, check out Android’s dope art, get your face painted, eat a giant head of cotton candy, fall in love at first sight, or ditch that epic loser you’re with and find somebody new.

Art show & happy hour at 7PM, expect to rage it until 4AM. See you on the dance floor.

One Response to “Going Down This Week Los Angeles”

  1. This is Maniac. I produced this track(Aquarium) in 2005 and had it
    reviewed by an executive at Motown Records. Apparently Nosaj Thing
    remixed it for Kid Cudi. I never received any notification my track
    would be used or payment, now I have two artists both using my track
    without my consent!

    I’m sure that there is a reasonable explaination as to why a track I submitted to Motown is being used in a slightly remixed form as a title track on a Motown artist’s album. I hope that these artists both contact me and resolve this issue so I can receive proper credit for my contribution to the track

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