Mr. Rogers & the Redmond Rambler

That hat is mine! Wait- is someone handing Mr. Rogers a beer out of the bathtub?


See? My hat!

Sudapop's hat?

...or is it Sudapop's hat?

...Lynzie's hat?

...Lynzie's hat?

...ah okay, that hat OBVIOUSLY belongs on this guy!

...ah okay, the hat OBVIOUSLY belongs on this guy! Precious Gem Stones FTW! (Notice the sweet American flag shutter shades, to be featured in my next 'Seattle style' piece along with mullets and jackets with a hole in the back)


6 Responses to “Mr. Rogers & the Redmond Rambler”

  1. Is that your hat?????? I believe PrEssHa will bare knuckle fist fight you for that one!!!!!!

    I MISS SHILO!!!!!

  2. dancefever5000 Says:

    You know, I am kind of lying- it WAS my hat, and then Precious asked for it all sweet-like with the pouty face one night at a show and I gave it to him, he was about to bust out crying if I didn’t.

    We also made a bed for Tricia out of it one night at my place complete with glowing raver pillow and soft mullet wig for sleeping!

    Nice to see it is making the rounds though- seems like every DJ or Producer who comes to Seattle winds up partying in it, kind of like my American flag shutter-shades which now belong to novaTRON!

  3. Let me correct all of you fools! It was MY HAT. Thank you, I went and had it made like 5 years ago at some store in the mall. LOL. Have fun fighting over it (but I’m pretty sure I gave it to Precious). I can steal it back and give it to you Shilo, since I like you better… lol jk. Miss you!! XOXO

  4. dancefever5000 Says:

    …and that’s why they call her BOO-YAH!

    I think I stole it in the first place from Lynzie!

  5. HAHAHAHA! Nice addition to the piece!

  6. OMG LOL.. Tricia’s bed was retarded. I love your blog like a fat kid loves cake.

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