Ctrl_Alt_Dlt & Seattle Techno TAKIN’ OVA

I have long been saying that Ctrl_Alt_Dlt is the shit, and it looks like Angel Alanis and Chicago-based Noisefloor Crew agree with me! 

Click here to go to the Noisefloor blog and listen to his new mix!

I am a huge fan of Ctrl_Alt_Dlt, promoting him as the best techno DJ in Seattle and dancing to his beats like a madwoman whenever possible. In fact, Chris is in large part responsible for my throbbing, pulsing, unrelenting love of the genre, which originally I thought was just a phase. At this point however, I have come to terms with the fact that techno is another one of my lovely addictions.

A new breed of techno is coming out of Seatown with DJs in the city drawing from Detroit minimalism while at the same time injecting it with a funkier future vibe, creating a whole new animal which is on the rise and here to stay: SEATTLE TECHNO.

Ctrl Alt Dlt

Ctrl Alt Dlt


One Response to “Ctrl_Alt_Dlt & Seattle Techno TAKIN’ OVA”

  1. its sooo cool your into music!

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