Dirty Filthy Whompcast Part I: PrEssHa

Up in Seattle they have quite the burgeoning whomp scene, which includes hyped up dubstep, crunked out midtempo, glitch hop, lazer bass,- seems like every music journalist wants to coin a their own term for this bass-ridden sound that is taking over the West Coast and soon, the world.

My take?Crunkedouthyphyfunkadelicpsybrokenwhomphopmusicforbasssluts, and that’s copyrighted, bitches.

One of the most talented, up-and-coming DJs in Seattle is PrEssHa, a master of many electronic genres whose hunger for new music is matched by his love for playing out, and mullet parties. 

But a whompcast is worth a thousand words: have a listen here.


I love my redneck DJ family and I love Mullet Parties!

I love my redneck DJ family and I love mullet parties!

Leave a comment and let me know what you think!


2 Responses to “Dirty Filthy Whompcast Part I: PrEssHa”

  1. Pressha’s Whompcast mix is dope! Listened to it a couple nights ago at work…

  2. > Crunkedouthyphyfunkadelicpsybrokenwhomphopmusicforbasssluts, and that’s copyrighted, bitches.

    Shilo, your always coming up with more elaborate words then Dr. Seuss

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