Los Angeles: That Place is CRAZY

“Just don’t get off the interstate. An overabundance of vitamin D makes humans’ brains froth out their ears and they go bat-shit crazy down there in LA with all that sunshine and they will JUMP IN YOUR CAR. Whatever you do, just keep driving.”

The number one adjective I heard when telling people I was moving to the great city of Los Angeles was “crazy,” which of course just made me even more excited to be here. Maybe, just maybe, I have found a home (yeah yeah yeah besides the one in my heart and all that BS).

In the last year in Seattle with your help I have realized that 1) Music is the most important thing in my life, 2) People will pay me to write about music and shows and artists and 3) I want to spend the rest of my life promoting the fat electronic beats that I love in a big fucking way. There is only one place to go after you come to a realization like that: LA.

Yep, that’s right: I came to LA to make it as a writer. Think anyone has heard that before?

The drive from Seattle was fairly uneventful compared to other cross-country trips I have made which have included Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon, an arrest on the border of Canada, a mother bear and three babies in Yellowstone, a hostage situation in Memphis, rollover wrecks in the desert- my road trip-loving self has criss-crossed this beautiful country many times and seen lots of crazy shit. I SO wanted to take the Pacific Highway but did not have the time or money- plus I had already taken that route, when I first came to Seattle from Paris, driving up the whole way from Los Angeles to Seattle on the coast, passing the sea lions of California and the crashing Oregon beaches. But this time my sights and my heart were set on LA, the new center of my universe, and I slid right down to the southern part of the country in no time.

Though the journey down I5 was still a glorious road trip with random adventures and even more random people. I cheered when I reached the land where they serve BOWLS of jalapenos with my dinner; I drove by a caravan of trucks filled with molten sulphur (WTF?). I stayed at a Shilo Inn (yay my name is EVERYWHERE!) and stopped at a gas station/VHS store/liquor store in BFE, California where the big new release poster was for Shallow Hal and the clerk was being questioned by the sheriff about a dodgy car in the parking lot.

Cruising across farmland I ate spicy olives and peppers out of the jar with my fingers; olives of course being the requisite Northern California road trip snack, just as pastries and wine grapes are the only thing to eat on a road trip through the Loire Valley. My first night in California I had my first In-And-Out Burger- WOW, the rest of the world is freaking missing OUT. I loved grilled buns and I DON’T mean that metaphorically (mmm- or maybe I do). And then there was the fact that hours after I passed through southern Washington thinking, geez, the water sure is close to the road, they shut down I5 due to massive flooding, effectively severing Seattle from the rest of the West Coast for days. I had gotten out just in time.

I left Seattle January 7, 2009, two days after my surprise going-away party and the best party ever! I had arrived in Seattle on January 7, 2004, exactly five years earlier to the day. Five years, not counting a year spent in New Zealand and traveling around the US. Five years, to the day.

Anyway this post is really random and a total mess but so is my life right now so it fits! Here I am in LA, being in love with the sunshine, spending my days getting lost as shit and looking for a job and an apartment and a party. Guess which one I have found so far? OK, actually I have found three parties (or rather THEY found ME, seriously, it’s like I have no control- fun just sticks to me like metal shavings on Wooly Willy’s bald head). I have no job or place to live, but I will. Anyone out there know of an $800 one-bedroom in Silverlake? Ah, somebody slap me!

How will my new home change me? Will I become some bubbly blond who talks too much and drives too fast? The HORROR! I really love to honk too- I think I will fit in just fine. Last night I had sushi and watched the Golden Globes and wore tank top to dinner. BOOYAH. Seriously, somebody slap me. It must be the vitamin D from the sunshine frothing my brain out my ears.

So this blog is going to get nuts, sorry it is messy right now with super-random posts like this one but I will be organizing it and expanding it to include a section of my travel writing, general music writing, and then a big part on LA and the electronic music community here. So get ready for tales from the streets of LA! Let’s blow up this whole West Coast electronic music madness like never before, shall we? Stay tuned for the further adventures of Shilo!


3 Responses to “Los Angeles: That Place is CRAZY”

  1. Kewlness. Good for you Shilo. I knew you’d find a party (or three) right off the bat. I know the next time I’m in La-La-Land, and I mean L.A. (or do I…) I’ll definitely be hittin’ you up, cause I know You’ll know where the party’s at.

    B.T.W. I Soooooooooo miss In & Out Burger.

    You Rawk no mater where you are!!


  2. Hey Shilo. Nice to hear you made a decision about what’s next. LA may just be big and crazy enough to keep you busy for a while. Looking forward to hearing about your infiltration of the dance scene (how do they feel about the Bay Area, ha!).

  3. it’s like your living the life of californication …

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