DECIBEL PRESENTS: Best of Bass Dec. 30th with Jesse Rose, KiloWatts, Deru, novaTRON & seed

DECIBEL returns for a couple of nights so that we might once again dip our toes in the magic music wonderland that is OUR festival and celebrate the New Year community-style. Neumos on Capitol Hill once again plays host for two evenings chocked full of talent from previous Decibel Festivals, once again lighting Seattle in a frenzied blaze of electronic euphoria, and YOU are invited. 

Night one is appropriately labeled Best of Bass as live electronic musicians speak to the deepest echoes in our souls with their unrelenting, lead-heavy bass beats that pull your heart and feet towards the speakers. Be warned though- your mind may not have a choice in the matter, and as the BPMs increase throughout the night, so will your lack of composure. Local dubby trip-hop artist seed eases you into the time warp from the jungle and just in time because next novaTRON will be bringing you beats unlike any you have ever heard from his mindplanet via the TronBox, and as you grind down into the dance floor in the furious motions of a maniac, try to remember that he was once a human too. Deru then delivers his energetic and sensual sounds, getting you ready forKiloWatts who continues your bass beatdown old-school style and turns the velocity up one notch to visceral. Keep up with this master mind-breaker and you will find yourself alive and sweaty and ready for Jesse Rose , whose techno will do no less than blow the very roof off of your head, leaving you spinning and kicking and bouncing out of control- we call it dancing. 


DB 2008


Part I of “Micro dB”: a two evening event happening December 30th and 31st at Neumos, featuring several highlights from the 2008 Decibel Festival and one highly anticipated debut Seattle performance including…


DJ :: Berlin: Get Physical / dirtybird / Made To Play
http://www. myspace. com/jesseroseandcontent

Jesse Rose is currently one of the most in-demand electronic music artists around the world, with seemingly every festival and club on the planet wanting a dose of his delicious Berlin-based bass-driven sound. This pioneer, producer, remixer, DJ and label owner of Front Room Recordings has been making music for over fourteen years and is now an established trend-setter, taking his place amongst the most popular and famous producers in the international electronic music community. Headlining the “Best of Bass” night at the Decibel New Year’s edition, Rose will bring his funk-lined, hyphy electro-house to Seattle for the first time ever, dropping his playfully dirty beats, twisty sound, and chunky bass on our waiting ears and dancing feet.
His track “Forget My Name” will be released on vinyl December 15th, but after the impending Decibel show there will be no chance of that- the sound of Jesse Rose will be tattooed on your eardrums for eternity.



Live :: Philadelphia: Native State / Thoughtless Music
http://www. kilowattsmusic. com

KiloWatts, otherwise known as James Watts, hails from Philly and plays bass-heavy breaks, down tempo, and techno that will open your mind with beats like a sack of bricks. Performing all over the U.S. and in Canada at festivals and dance parties, KiloWatts makes creative use of drums, scratches, and glitches to fill his music with a unique potency that takes listeners to the moon- and leaves them there. His new album Ground State on Native State Records is a barrier-breaking set of mind-jams that insist you reawaken the divinity within yourself and find the energy that connects you to the universe- not hard when you are on the moon. An ever-growing list of projects and collaborations exists. Skeetaz, with breakbeat cohort Bil Bless brings hard-hitting digital glitched-out psychedelic funk. His collaboration with singer Peter Van Ewijk is a mystical ride with vocals and guitar, nested atop edgy electronica. With Tanner Ross, an eerie style of dark techno is born under the name Voodeux for Dirtybird’s techno sublabel Mothership. Fellow Philadelphian MC Amagine delivers consciousness-driven motifs in their digital glitch-hop project called Super Galactic Expansive.


Live :: Los Angeles: Ghostly / Merck Records
http://www. myspace. com/iamderu

LA-based ambient glitch-dub-hop pioneer Deru was one of the surprise favorites for many at the 2008 Decibel Festival’s Ghostly International showcase at the Baltic Room, bringing his unique style to the traditional electronic merging of warm melodic structures with cold, precise rhythms. His is the sound of condensed isolation; the music your brain might make to survive when you are locked in a feeling of loneliness in the middle of a crowd of half a million. In contrast to the sparse and scattered sound of others in his IDM arena, Deru’s sound is delicate and dense, packed with energy and infused with deep, thumping bass.
His third album, Say Goodbye to Useless, is scheduled for release in early 2009 and will no doubt deliver more of the atmospheric, fractured sound that forward-thinking music lovers around the world have come to embrace.


Live :: Seattle: Innerflight
http://www. myspace. com/novatron

The sonic wizard that exists on this Earth as novaTRON is a designer of musical experience that defies all categorization. An animal like no other, novaTRON creates completely original beats that are improvised on the fly on the Tron Box, a self-constructed constellation of audio hardware that includes KORG’s EMX, ESX x2, KP3, KP2, Koassilator, and a Roland SP404. The music born from the marriage of the mind of a mad scientist and the Tron Box is a unique symphony of breakbeats, a reality twisted into a science of experimentation that combines to form an aural experience that can only be lived in the present. NovaTRON’s organic live sets capture the ephemeral nature of art and existence and strap it down with a thick layer of bass before letting it go on it’s way out to the world and into your body. His beats take you on a trip through multiple realms of reality with a professor of phunk at the helm; his music is created of the dance floor, by the dance floor, and for the dance floor. NovaTRON is a master of the moment who continues to push the limits of electronica with each and every new set.

Live :: Seattle: LiveNLove
http://www. myspace. com/seedbija

SEED is a killer drummer and producer from Seattle whose sound can be classified somewhere in the space between the genres of Jazzchestral Glitch-Samba, Ballet Ghettotech, and Transcendental Elevator Music. Representing local music collective LiveNLove, seed will be performing live on Ableton along with the jazzy vocal talents of Greer Sullivan and the smart rhymes of E@5E_95 for this year’s micro dB New Year’s party. Expect dubby trip-hop infused with experimental jungle, and look for this newcomer to continue expanding minds on the dance floor as he pushes his eclectic electric noise to greater heights with deeper meaning.


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