Decibel New Year’s 2 Day BLOWOUT

The 2008 Decibel Festival of Electronic Music, Visual Arts and New Media was a beautiful celebration of creation, four crystalline autumn days at the end of September when thousands of artists and music lovers converged together to dance and party, their joyous shouts of ecstasy forever affecting the course and future of the electronic arts. It was a booming bass note that reverberated through the international community surrounding this deliciously modern version of human creative endeavors. From around the world, the Pacific Northwest, and the Emerald City we all came together in a gritty little neighborhood in Seattle to dance like wild animals and be inspired, energy bouncing off of each other like popping firecrackers. Artists walked off of each other’s dance floors invigorated by their fellow creators with fresh motivation to take their own arts in new and different directions. Crowds hung their mouths wide open in amazement after discovering a new DJ, a new genre, a new love. Locals came out in full force and had their minds blown by their very own city and the culture that sizzles here despite the rain. From headliners like Carl Craig and Deadmau5 to local superstars like m.0 and Dave Pezzner, the Decibel artists straight laid it down, giving all they had and then some. A city festival by the people and for the people, Decibel left us sweaty and smiling, with new music in our ears, new friends in our hearts, and a new way of experiencing the world, because that is what great art does. 

Now, a few months later, as Decibel passes hang off rear-view mirrors and key chains around the city as talismans of precious memories, the festival returns for a couple of nights so that we might once again dip our toes in the magic music wonderland that is OUR Decibel Festival and celebrate the New Year community-style. Neumos on Capitol Hill once again plays host for two evenings chocked full of talent from previous Decibel Festivals, once again lighting Seattle in a frenzied blaze of electronic euphoria, and you are invited. 

Night one is appropriately labeled Best of Bass as live electronic musicians speak to the deepest echoes in our souls with their unrelenting, lead-heavy bass beats that pull your heart and feet towards the speakers. Be warned though- your mind may not have a choice in the matter, and as the BPMs increase throughout the night, so will your lack of composure. Local dubby trip-hop artist seed eases you into the time warp from the jungle and just in time because next novaTRON will be bringing you beats unlike any you have ever heard from his mindplanet via the TronBox, and as you grind down into the dance floor in the furious motions of a maniac, try to remember that he was once a human too. Deru then delivers his energetic and sensual sounds, getting you ready forKiloWatts who continues your bass beatdown old-school style and turns the velocity up one notch to visceral. Keep up with this master mind-breaker and you will find yourself alive and sweaty and ready for Jesse Rose , whose techno will do no less than blow the very roof off of your head, leaving you spinning and kicking and bouncing out of control- we call it dancing. 

On New Year’s Eve we will greet the fresh start with laughter and open eyes as we celebrate, dance, and have some nasty, dirty fun together as a community. An evening of Dirty Dancing will showcase the fun and funky side of deep house, tech house and techno, creating a dance floor that is playful and party-ripe. Starting with the street-filthy beats of Decibel Festival Director Nordic Soul and co-producer Michael Manahan, you don’t even have to wipe your shoes before you step onto the dance floor and give yourself away to the beats- you know you want to anyway. Local soon-to-be legend Dave Pezzner then delivers funky grooves, tracks of dance riots that are also highly emotive and sensual. With nary a moment to wipe the sweat dripping from your elbows, it just gets better with an amazing live set from John Tejada and his minimal, musical techno. Alex Smoke completes the lineup perfectly, his deep and dark style a reminder that techno is indeed all about sex. Be ready for some filthy fun as you party with your friends on the dance floor during this amazing night of talented artists at the forefront of the electronic music community; you WILL get down and dirty and dance.


One Response to “Decibel New Year’s 2 Day BLOWOUT”

  1. SICK…

    why am I bartending all nite @ The Tiger Lounge.


    is gonna be tight!

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