BASSNDRUMS! Live Electronic Music & Art Show December 4 @ Heavens Nightclub

What happens when we throw some madmen together with a bunch of electronic equipment, big speakers and live drums? Your brain explodes out your feet- sonic sorcery in the flesh and bones. There is no question: meet me on the dance floor.

Come out and join us for BASSNDRUMS, a unique night of live electronic music and visual art! Featuring beats from a variety of creators who bring you the future of sound, a pounding tribal drum circle to kick things off like humans have been doing for thousands of years, and live artists to bring you back to the present as they share their craft live with you. 

BassNDrums is part of the Seattle First Thursday Art Walk, held at Heavens Nightclub on Thursday, December 4. We throw this night so we can share with others the illuminating experience that occurs when you combine live electronic music and visual art. Come dance, come drink, come talk to your friends and feed the bubbling arts community in Seattle. 

For music we have a lineup of local music magicians to lay on beats on you that cannot be categorized!

The night starts off at 8PM with a drum circle; feel free to bring your drums and join in the pounding and put a little thunder in your soul or just let the unabated tribal rumble rumble rumble wash over you.

  • PRESSHA opens on the decks; expect a special DJ set from a special DJ. This versatile player might drop any number of genres but I am hoping for some drum and bass-heavy glitch-hop, OOah style. Bring your mullets and get your cock out; it’s time for the gem show.
  • NOVATRON is the straight slam captain of the entire known world and produces bass-drenched track after track from the Tron Box, a collection of apparati that would make normal humans convulse like electric weasels but in the hands of a wizard from another planet become nasty, filthy, dirty, ridiculous beats. TRON IS THE NEW BLACK, in case you didn’t know.
  • KJ SAWKA will be playing LIVE drum and bass on his styley customized drum kit; look closely and you will see that Kevin actually grows several extra sets of arms and legs to be able to produce some ridiculous drum and bass. Intense, growling, and meaty with a slice of superstardom, Sawka makes dance floors heave as we all try to grow extra appendages to flail about as well.

These guys have all recently been blowing up in Seattle. Get on the train.

And all night long we will have live artists doin’ their thang all over Heavens: Burgandy, Lynzie, Sam I Am, Ty Young, Larry Walk and more will be creating live as well as showing off pieces in many media from glass to acrylic to graphic design. Creation breeds creation; what kind of animals will result from this night?

Come find out.

If you have never done the Seattle First Thursday Art Walk, then you should. You can read about all about the monthly event here, but let me make it quick for you: for a couple of hours every first Thursday in Pioneer Square you can check out HEAPS of art in many different media by local artists out on the square, posted in galleries, or collected in giant multi-studios like the Western Building. You can enjoy room after room of free art as well as snacks, wine, and beer. Get your homies, do the art walk, and then roll over to Heavens Nightclub for music, friends, dancing, more alcohol, and BASSNDRUMS in your face!

BASSNDRUMS is presented by SweetMachines, a division of These Party Kids. Heavens Nightclub is located in Pioneer Square across from LSC and right by Fuel on the corner. 21+, $5.

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