By someone who knows absolutely, positively NOTHING about spinning records or making electronic music. I play the flute.


1. Dance. A lot. The best DJs are always dancers.

2. Go to your friend’s shows. Go to shows when you don’t know the DJ(s) but like the musical genre. Go to shows you know nothing about. Go to big shows that come through town. Do this a lot. Several nights a week. (Hey do you love electronic music or do you love electronic music?)

3. Show up for your fucking set.

4. In the famous words of my famous friend MC Anton Bomb: GETN2IT. I freaking hate it when a DJ has a sour lemon look on his/her face or looks bored. If you are not enjoying your music then something is wrong.

5. Don’t text during your set. Seriously. It blows my mind how often I see this, wow. At least squat down or something, Jesus Cristos.

6. Meet as many people as you can while you are out several nights a week, and never ever judge people on appearance. You never know who that dolt in corner with the mullet dancing like a spastic monkey might be. Here is how you meet people: “Hi, my name is ________. What is your name?” Works every time. You don’t even have to be blonde.

7. Throw down even if there are only four people on your dance floor. Even if there is only one. Even if your dance floor is empty.

8. When you play at a show, come early and/or stay later and listen to the DJs who are playing with you that night. Support YOUR electronic community, and it will support you.

9. Do not get involved in DJ drama. Nothing kills the vibe on the dance floor at a party more than two DJs arguing about set times behind the decks. Well, nothing except for cops.

10. Play the grimiest, dirtiest, filthiest, stickiest, most ridiculous bassy beats you can, because that is what I like. MORE GRIME IN SEATTLE, PLEASE.

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