From the Streets of Seattle

Hello my friends,

As many of you know, soon I will no longer be writing for and thus need a new outlet for my coherent if random ramblings and amateur musings which almost always center on the electronic music scene here in our beautiful city. I thought about naming this blog ‘From the Streets of Seattle’ because that is where I am at every night, and that is where I report back from whether it is on Deadmau5 at Decibel or little Timmy’s cousin from around the way who just laid down a fat set at shitty nightclub #8. 

So from now on my new blog you can read show previews and reviews, artist bios, upcoming shows and electronic arts events, as well as weird shit that happened or is going to happen, ex: one time I traded 5 cigarettes for a bottle of Moet in the middle of Yesler, then we drank it in Trinity in the back booth by pouring it into beer bottles. Classy. Here’s hoping Guy doesn’t read my blog!

I am going to load a few of my old posts soon so that there is SOMETHING in here; subscribe via RSS or watch your Myspace/Facebook to know when I post something new. So stay tuned! Although I will miss writing for (and the paycheck), I am happy to be able to focus and write about what I truly, madly LOVE- electronic music and the community of passionate artists and dancers that make what we have here in Seatown so special.

See you on the dance floor,

Shilo Urban


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