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9th Annual Fall Joshua Tree Music Festival: October 9-12

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Merging its funky desert style with an internationally acclaimed lineup of musical artists, the three-day family-friendly festival is truly a global dance experience. The festival melds the overwhelming spirit of desert freedom with powerful music from around the world to create a lighthearted oasis for music lovers. Magically magnificent art installations, a robust Kidsville schedule, the heavily shaded Music Bowl, a full spectrum of yoga classes, didgeridoo playshops, and a global market to further inspire, intrigue and invite festival goers. Discover your new favorite band and dozens of new friends in the shadows of the otherworldly Joshua Tree National Park.

This fall’s lineup will feature the Columbian electro tropical band Bomba Estereo, the gritty funk and soul of Black Joe Lewis, the soul stirring trip hop folk sisters of Rising Appalachia, Morocco’s Ribab Fusion, the dance master mash up DJ Pumpkin, Junior Marvin’s Force Once (Junior was Bob Marley’s bandmate from ‘77 to ‘81), high energy Zep-esque rock and roll by the West Water Outlaws, the lush harmonies of the Italian sextet Ou, dancehall funk group Nappy Riddem, and many more.


  • Yoga All Day Long
  • Continuous Live Music
  • Action Packed Kidsville
  • Organic Foods
  • World Market
  • Magical Visual Arts
  • Music & Didgeridoo Playshops


About the Joshua Tree Music Festival:

Founded in 2002 by music enthusiast Barnett English, run on corporate-free, community-centric power, JTMF captures the DIY funkiness of the high desert, turning rusted junk into striking art, old trailers into stages, and a shaded stretch of campground on the outskirts of the infamous national park into a serious dance party. Focusing on up-and-coming artists, the festival has a penchant for picking about-to-break names, from Deer Tick to Trombone Shorty, Edward Sharpe to Brett Dennen, the Avett Brothers to Toubab Krewe, sprinkled among diverse music legends such as Robbie Krieger (Doors), Thomas Mapfumo, Bernie Worrell (P-Funk, Talking Heads) and Eric Burdon (Animals).

JTMF is produced by a family of friends and funsters convinced that music is the soul of life, and that art enriches and saves lives. The festival is constructed around one Music Bowl, flanked by two alternating stages. “It’s the combination of the setting, the music, and the people that leads to epiphanic moments,” explains English. By design “we’ve created a space that enables people to spend more time together with the ability not to miss any of the music.” Kidsville is action packed, and people rate JTMF as one of the few festivals that truly caters to the entire family. There is no nosebleed section, white tents or yellow-jacketed security details. Instead, there’s instant community with nonstop interaction, as people congregate under billowing shade cloth, moving from stage to stage while catching delectable, musical moments. This intimate affair is splashed with “conversation stopping” golden sunsets over distant rugged mountains and all-night desert walkabouts.


The desert is freedom, music is power, and community is crucial.

WIN TICKETS to Turntable.FM Does SXSW 2012 with Flying Lotus [March 10]

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Turntable.FM is hitting Austin’s SXSW music festival hard this year, with numerous digital pre-parties, DJ battles and a host of contests. They will also be hosting two big events, March  10 with Flying Lotus and Araabmuzik and March 15 with Diplo, A-Trak and ?uestlove.

Find all the information about these two Turntable.FM events here and if you would like to enter to win a pair of tickets to the Flying Lotus show on March 10, simply, send an email to with “Dancefever5000″ in the subject line.

Good luck!

Cypress Hill SmokeOut: Low End Theory Stage

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Saturday March 3 at NOS Events Center in San Bernardino – AND it’s on my birthday!

Eagle Rock Music Festival Announces Lineup + Low End Theory Stage

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HOLY SHIT. Continue reading

Decibel Festival 2011 Announces Program

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Seattle here I come!

I cannot more highly recommend this festival – click the flyer for more information:

Lightning in a Bottle 2011 Time Slots by Day

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Festivals always like to print their schedule by stage, however I attend festivals a day at a time. So here is a handy-dandy print-up of the Lightning in a Bottle 2011 schedule BY DAY.

Please note these time slots go backwards, starting with the headliner late in the night and working their way backwards in the day.

I usually print out a couple of these to refer to in the latter part of the festival when everyone has lost their official programs and asking everyone they know about the lineup!




10:00-10:45            The Mowgli’s

11:00-11:45            Carrie Turner

12:00- 12:45            Ultra Love

1:00-1:45            MK and the Gentlemen

2:00-3:00            Early Bird Circus




12:30-2:00            MiM0SA

11:25-12:05            Lucent Dossier Experience

10:55-11:25            William & the Earth Harp

9:30-10:55            Random Rab and the Infinidroid

7:45-9:00            Dub Kirtan Allstars

7:20-7:25            Zoraya Judd

6:00-7:10            The Malah

5:30-5:40            Bella Luna

4:00-5:15            The Mowgli’s

3:35-3:40            Onamare

2:00-3:15            Metal Mother


11:15-12:45            PANTyRAiD

9:45-11:15            NastyNasty

8:15-9:45            Stephan Jacobs

6:45-8:15            Emancipator

5:15-6:45            The Great Mundane

3:45-5:15            Kaminanda

2:30-3:45            Sex Pixels


12:00-2:00            Nick Warren

10:00-12:00            Claude VonStroke

8:30-10:00            J. Cush

7:00-8:30            Mark Zabala

5:30-7:00            MAV3N

4:00-5:30            duckbutter

2:30-4:00            Flook


5:30-6:05            birdseye

7:10-7:55            Shannon Moore & Friends

8:50-9:35            Love in the Circus

11:30-12:30            Chris Joyner

2:00-2:55            Dustbowl Revival

3:00-3:40            Wahnderlust

3:45-4:45            Stevie Starlight

4:50-5:50            Open Jam




12:30-2:00            Pretty Lights

12:05-12:25            William & the Earth Harp

10:30-12:00            Beats Antique

9:35-10:00            El Circo

8:05-9:20            KRADDY

7:45-7:50            Zoraya Judd

6:05-7:20            Y La Bamba

5:25-5:40            nOah VeiL’s pOrtal pOtty

3:55-5:10            Octopus Nebula

3:25-3:35            Otherwise Ent.

1:50-3:05            Lulacruza


11:30-1:00            Virtual Boy

10:00-11:30            Love & Light

8:30-10:00            LowRIDERz

7:00-8:30            Heyoka

5:45-7:00            ill-esha

4:30-5:45            Gladkill

3:15-4:30            Russ Liquid

1:45-3:15            Phutureprimitive


12:00-2:00            Android Cartel

10:00-12:00            Jay Tripwire

8:00-10:00            Sammy Bliss

6:00-8:00            Melanie Moore

4:30-6:00            Joplin

3:00-4:30            Wobs

1:30-3:00            Joe Rodriguez

12:00-1:30            DJ Maggie


4:50-5:00            Bella Luna

5:30-6:25            Je Conte

7:30-8:15            Shane Alexander

9:20-10:20            Peter Goetz

12:00-12:45            Yogi

2:00-3:00            Cohen

3:15-4:10            Metal Mother

4:25-5:25            Open Jam




12:30-2:00            Thievery Corporation

12:00-12:20            Seraphim

10:25-11:55            Bonobo

10:00-10:15            nOah VeiL’s pOrtal pOtty

8:45-9:45            Fool’s Gold

8:15-8:20            Aradia Julia Sunseri

6:40-8:05            Invisible Allies

6:10-6:20            Otherwise Ent.

4:35-5:50            Love in the Circus

2:45-4:15            Desert Dwellers


11:30-1:00            Paper Diamond

10:00-11:30            Eskmo

9:05-10:00            Baths

8:55-9:05            Sofiah Thom

7:30-8:55            LYNX

6:15-7:30            El Papachango

5:00-6:15            Shawna

3:45-5:00            Inspired Flight (Feat. Eligh and Scarub)

2:30-3:45            GoldRush

1:15-2:30            Pussy Monster


12:30-2:00            John Kelley

10:30-12:30            idiot Savant

7:30-10:30            Lee Burridge

6:00-7:30            Pumpkin

4:30-6:00            Syd Gris

3:00-4:30            Brad Moontribe

1:30-3:00            dela Moontribe

12:00-1:30            Brutus


4:45-5:20            Shawn Bisi

6:15-7:00            Renata Youngblood

8:05-8:55            Clayton J Scott

9:45-10:35            Paul Chesne

11:55-12:40            Mind the Gap

2:00-3:00            Helios Jive

3:15-4:05            Lulacruza

4:20-5:20            Open Jam

Ten Artists Not to Miss at Lightning in a Bottle 2011

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(Click the image)

Photo by Aaron Gautschi


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